Daff Sofa, bocah imut yang menggemaskan!

Meski baru berusia tiga tahun, nama Daffa Abyan Sofa cukup populer di kalangan pengguna Instagram di Indonesia. Foto balita berparas tampan ini seringkali diunggah oleh ibunya, Rezky Amelia, ke akun Instagram dengan nama… Continue reading

Me dad and Chiko

Me with my Father and chiko I’m like dog, love you chiko…

Butterfly cantata

I was a butterfly how a costume that I wear? cute…. 😀

I’m the litle Fish

I’m The Little Fish…xixixi

Candle light dinner Valentine-love

with my friends and Family

Bear, on Surabaya Zoo

in surabaya zoo, i’m scary with this animal :p but it’s much for fun you must go to there, to look a lot off animal  

love My Pets

Busy with my snail can you look??  

Cute Kid with Red Legging

Pose like international Model 😀  

Yellow Rain Suit

Now entered rainy season in Indonesia   you need to make rain suit yay… i’m like play with rain 🙂


Hello Introduction I’m Cantata Gemma Naio my age 4 Year nice to know all of you